Ahoy, there!

I’m a professional web developer who’s been involved with the web in some form or fashion since 1996, starting with my first 200KB site on Tripod. I have 15 years of professional web design and front-end database development experience, starting first in desktop publishing, then in the medical publishing industry, and now the financial sector. For several years, I ran Bright-Matrix, a web design and development firm, which is the origination of my Twitter handle (@brightmatrix).

Back in the halcyon era of 2009, I entered the realm of social media in order to better understand and evaluate this medium for my employer, and haven’t looked back. So far it’s been a fun and creative experience.

My professional interests, among others, include:

  • social media, specifically Twitter (as should be obvious by this blog’s title)
  • user experience and usability
  • data visualization
  • analytics and metrics, both the validity and analysis of
  • online security and privacy

My goal with this blog is to elaborate on thoughts and topics I’m passionate about. I hope you’ll find my musings helpful and entertaining. If you are brave or foolish enough, you may also find me on:

I also co-author a gaming blog over at 3-sided-die.com, where I write about tabletop role-playing games, character development, and collectible trading card games.

Mike Zavarello